Tuesday, December 4, 2007

not excited anymore...

For the past two weeks, two of my bets in ANTM 9 just got eliminated. Two of the girls that I believe had a better portfolio than those who remains. First one was Lisa. Gorgeous girl with equally stunning pictures. Personality wise, hmmm... I thought that maybe she's so stressed and tired of all those critique. On that Covergirl shoot she's just dreadful but the photoshoot for it was excellent. Well at least she made it to China.

Next was Heather. Now this one was quite painful to watch. I really love this girl right from the start. But then again, we cannot expect that much from her in terms of social stuff. I was thinking that if she could pull it off on the go sees, I would say that she had a big chance of making it into the final 3 if not the winner. But no matter what, I'll always love her. Surprising that out of 5 girls only 2 got in time back to the agency. Guess what, those two are whom I least like among the girls. And Bianca winning the challenge? Is she good, hmmm yeah perhaps but the smile that the designers love bout her, in my opinion its ugly. UGH! She looks like a freaking clown to me. Honestly, I wished that if ever Heather would be cut off in the show, Bianca would go first. Now, I end up having no excitement what so ever on the next few episodes... So there were 4... If either Jenah or Chantal would win, it would be fine. With the other two, I'll just vomit... vomit for two different reasons... I'll just share it some other time.

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marion said...

I love watching ANTM but the thing with the show is some of those being eliminated are the once you wish would stay longer. Can't wait to watch this Thursday who is going to be next to the elimination or who are going to do the usually girl fight.