Monday, November 26, 2007

spreading the LOVE

Nope it's not Valentine's day yet. Christmas is yet to come too. Perhaps we don't need an extra special occassion to spread to you guys the LOVE from PayPerPost!

Want to earn extra just by blogging? PayPerPost could be the one to help you! Personally, I love sharing stuff over the net. So when I've heard of this, I thought, why not get more out of something you really, really love to do. One of my realatives introduced me to PPP. Her story is quite innovative itself. She started her blog site about two years ago and when she found about payperpost, she signed up for it. When she told me about this, she already established her very own internet cafe from her earnings here! I was like WOW I wanted to sign up to!

Now, I just had my first post approved! Hmmm... What am I going to do with my money? Personally, it could help me a lot with my studies. I'm in college now and thesis is almost there! This is my perfect way to lighten my parents' financial burden. Yey me! Aside from that, I'm also looking forward on meeting new friends here. Hope to see you guys in payperpost! Ciao!

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