Friday, November 16, 2007

battle of the REALITY shows...

Project Runway is back on the air! At last the long wait is finally over. I watched the first episode for this season and I'm just a bit disappointed not to see the actual casting process. I'd just like to know if Daniel Franco would be there! HAHA!

In ANTM, the photoshoot was damn fierce for Jenah (of course), and Chantal(as in WOW). Anyway, the episode is entitled "the girl who starts to lose her cool". My gosh! I'm sort of split on how I feel on how Heather reacted on some critique given to her. I really do think that it's a harsh comment. Like it or not, that's how the biz goes. Boy am I surprised on how she acted towards the other girls. Maybe it's just one big flaw on her character (due to her illness perhaps).

So, after seeing both of these episodes I checked out ANTM community in LiveJournal and saw this post. It has this link to a video from YouTube. A Tyra show episode featuring Rami Kashou's collection (Project Runway 4 contestant). Surprisingly, one of the models there looks very much like Seleisha (ANTM 9 contestant). Might be wrong about this but she really looks like her and was suspiciously placed in the middle of the other models. Perhaps ANTM 9 was done taping their episodes by then. What do you think?

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