Saturday, September 15, 2007

Sizzler of Celebrity Duets

I gotta type this in!!! I have to admit I got about 15% envy on Dr. Belo! Jeez men does she have one of the hottest hunk in town right now. As I'm typing this in, Celebrity Duets is on air. Dr. Hayden Kho (Vicky Belo's bf)just sang a flaming hot BED of ROSES. Wooohhhchao!!! He's wearing this sleeveless shirt and have a print on it saying BELO BODY if I'm not mistaken. Then after he perform and was asked to join with Ogie Alcasid (host), he just ripped off that freakin shirt and I was like HOT HOT HOT! I mean come on now! The weeks before I think he's ok, cute, and pretty brave performer too tryin to hit the high notes and all. Then came this episode just right now and not only am I blown with his voice, cheeze luis, is he gorgeous!!!

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