Thursday, September 27, 2007

first to GO HOME...

ANTM 9's first casualty, Mila. When the final 13 were chosen, she was the first to be called. Too bad she's the first one to pack her belongings and go home.

Hmmm... What can I say bout the start of the real competition. The house is great, I'm just not wowed bout it. The statement of going GREEN is excellent though. For me the best ANTM house yet was back in Dani's days, Cycle 6. Now that's green! The first photo shoot revealed who got the real potential. My personal picks for this one are Sarah, Lisa, and Heather. Out of the girls there, these three stood out the most. The photoshoot was all about the bad effects of smoking.

Sarah doesn't look like a plus size on her picture. I thought Mila is more curvatious than her. Stunning picture!

Lisa, she kicked Bianca's ass after delivering a better photo. Bianca was like, "do you think you did better than me?" I like the way Lisa stood up for herself when Bianca said that America's Next Top Model couldn't be some exotic dancer. As if she's anything like a role model herself.

And last but not the least Ms. Heather. Her illness really isolates her among the other girls. The other's were ganging up behind her back. But despite the whole slight autism thing, she had the most captivating at the same time disturbing photo of all.

I could have posted here the pix for this specific photoshoot but can't find it on the net yet... Anyways, looking forward on the next episode... Makeover I suppose...

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