Monday, May 25, 2009

Nicole Trunfio -- an Insight

I was doing a random search just to get some SuperBrie cheese through my MouseHunt toolbar and I came across some articles and pictures of Nicole Trunfio [current model mentor in Make Me a Supermodel Season 2]. Just a bit surprised to know that this Aussie model is only 23 y/o and labeled a supermodel. Getting accustomed with older judges/mentor in ANTM, no wonder that it came to me as a surprise that she's just 23 and almost my age.

In her Wikipedia site, it says there that she was also from a TV series Search for a Supermodel [and won it]. Now that's a show with credibility, right Tyra? She also appeared in some major ad campaigns for D&G, Karl Lagerfeld, Lacoste, and Guess to name a few. Mentoring the lady contestants of this season's MMaS sure makes her more of a household name. Apparently, one of the guys of MMaS has a super crush on her [Branden]... In two words, Super Hot!

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