Monday, May 11, 2009

ANTM E! True Hollywood Story -- Dishin' it All Out Ya'll

ANTM -- as real as it could possibly get. Nice to hear from some of past contestants and winners from the show, regardless on what they say [may it be positive or negative]. The struggles on both the girls and of the production staff were unveiled. So much to see, too little time... First 5 Cycles were jammed into it plus some extra minutes to spare on the next 5 Cycles... Enjoy!

And the things that I learned from watching this:
1. That people shouldn't hate on Adrianne because she's just keeping it real on her part.
2. Elyse is still my all time favorite ANTM girl.
3. Ebony [C1] is very entertaining...
4. Naima was slightly arrogant of her win but completely understandable.
5. Lisa cracked me up with this line... "I'm trying to be myself right now...And who were you yesterday?"

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