Saturday, October 13, 2007

long wait... is it worth it?

It was alomost like three days of waiting til I can download this episode of ANTM 9. Probably I'm one of the excited ones to watch it because it's the makeover episode.
I tried my hardest not to watch any spoiler for the episode for I want to see myself who's hair would be chopped off, who's gonna cry and stuff. Unfortuantely, though I haven't watched any of those, I knew already who's gonna be bald. Another thing was, I knew who'd be eliminated. Anyway, spoiled as it is I just want t post here my favorite pics for the week...

First time she blown away the judges in terms of her performance in the photoshoot. Keep it up Ms. Ebony! I think if she finally know how to be IN the game, she'll knock the other girls down. Better hair by the way. When her old hair was being unglued from her, I was holding my breath. Can feel the pain... Ugh!

She had "weeds" all over her but she didn't get lost. Not much of change on her makeover which was great. She's damn so amazing as she is so no need for drastic transformation.

I don't like her in front of the panel. I don't think she's pretty at all but her pictures are amazing. I like her makeover pic here.

Not a big fan of her make over but I think Sarah is improving...

All these girls are absolutely stunning but Mr. Barker of course have his own. Her queen and wife, Cristen Chin. She's so gorgeous! Can you imagine two hot models as a couple.

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