Thursday, October 4, 2007

Housewives shouldn't take this as a joke...

This morning I watched the latest episode of America's Next Top Model and I was like I have to post something after watching it. But this one concerns me more so I'm typing it in first.

Just last night, I heared the news about this "accidental" insult to the Philippine medical community by the show Desperate Housewives. Teri Hatcher's character, Susan, had a dialogue, "OK, before we go any further, can I check these diplomas? Just to make sure they aren't, like, from some med school in the Philippines?"

Such a short line, an entire race has been terribly insulted. I, myself even if I'm not in the field mentioned, because I am a Filipino and proud of it, I got hurt. I definitely agree to our officials that a public apology, appriciated as it is, is not enough compared to the very damaging words said. We're not saying this because we're just being ultra sensitive about the issue. We're talking about dignity and crediblity not only of someone's profession but also of their race.

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