Thursday, October 25, 2007

Freaky ending...

Another ANTM episode ended. Shocking this time. At the first minute of the show, I'm like "ok I'm bored", because again, you can easily predict who's going to be out. But most definitely, the ending was not as expected. Kindda creepy for me because it was like a clip from a documentary in a life of someone who just died or something. Ambreal girl, I don't know if you have to be happy at all.

Anyway, I still have my picks for the week. Jenah and Heather impressed me most this week with their photo shoot. I can't help but say WOW to this girls. Especially to Heather when she won the challenge with Heather and Ambreal. Nice shoot with Mary J. Blige too.

Looking fashion forward working out the card board boxes...

Doing good not on a profile this time...Gorgeous!

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