Sunday, August 19, 2007

the ECHO (sigaw)

It has been a very long break from school, though I still wish that it would be extended for few more days... Temperature sure did went down and all it really made me damn too lazy. It was Aug. 7 since I posted my last blog and here I am again.

I remember bout this movie entitled SIGAW starring Richard Gutierrez and that Locsin girl... Damn that was one suspense thriller movie that deserved all the awards it got. But the best thing yet is the on going remake of the movie now makin it into the Hollywood scene! Yeap! Pinoy movie finally penetrating the international audience. The Hollywood version of the film will star no less than Jesse Bradford of Flag of Our Fathers...Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! And most importantly we have our very own pinoy talents which we are very proud of, Miss Iza Calzado and the director himself, Mr. Yam Laranas. Both are highly talented...

Trully not just your ordinary asian horror movie...

All the support from a big fan to mr. Yam Laranas and ms. Iza Calzado!

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