Thursday, April 2, 2009

America's Next Top Model S12E06 -- the great DIVIDE

As expected, after last week's panel, the girls had their choice on what side they'll go with: on Tahlia's or on Celia's. In this case, you can see who's mature and who's not. People like Natalie and Allison were just dragged into the argument. It began with Sandra telling to Tahlia's side that "hey, I kindda heard them talking bout bringing it up to the judges but didn't know that they'll actually do it" then enraged Teyona and Aminat decided that "let's just give it to them" sort of dialouge. These two girls [Teyona and Aminat] confronted Celia's group saying stuff [lots of stuff] generallizing the whole group as the culprit of the whole Celia confession scenario. In my opinion it is kindda unfair for Allison to be the first target of the verbal attack. Guess what, Celia and Tahlia weren't even talking that time... Next thing I know Natalie got involved, and the two girls in the issue was standing side by side saying nothing at all. Aminat came face to face with Natalie and called her stupid repeatedly... Just like Nat said, it's super disrespectful...

Anyway, enough of the drama. This week's challenge was to convey emotion to their faces. Mr. Jay and model Beth Stern administered the sort of lame-O challenge [the girls would have to stick their faces into these life size pictures of Tyra with a hole on the face part and do some facial expressions]. More than 2/3 of the girls just didn't get it and to cut it short the winner was Natalie. As a prize she got 50 extra frames on their photo shoot.

I also think that this photo shoot's theme is also kindda lame but surprisingly nice results. Beauty shot ladies and gentlemen. FINALLY! Again, these are my top three photos of the week:

Allison -- despite the lack of true facial expression, this photo is insanely great [at least for my taste] plus pink looks great on her

Celia -- grey is definitely her color

Teyona -- something bout her face that I like... but the drama in the house made me dislike her a bit

The panel's best photo was Fo's but I super hate the styling on her. And she got Red, she could have done more than just raising the eyebrow thing... You know what's better? This:
Kahlen Rondot of Cycle 4 as Wrath -- beyond amazing

I think Tahlia's photo was also good but not on my top three dear. I like her renewed strength and the competition. At least she'll stop casting so much drama in the house [I think] and I also admire the gesture on talking with Celia the matured way.
I feel sorry for London because of the terrible make-up done on her in the photo shoot. As if she puked blue all over.

ALAS, the b*tch has left the building! Sandra went packing because of her less than impressive photo as the color White... Buh-bye Sandy!

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