Wednesday, January 9, 2008

high school pride...

I wasn't that of an active student back in high school (ask me what about now) but I managed to have a job as one of the "artists" in our school organ "the Advocate". I did some simple illustrations for the miscellany section. Well I submitted some articles too that made my parents proud of me some how. Here are some of what I did. Just like to share 'em with you. Looking back would always be nice. May the Advocate people of today and the next to come continue this stuff. Kudos to my fellow Sumolongnians!
October 2003 issue

Christmas Issue 2003

Could have done the cover though... HAHA! Nah! They won't let me. So I was like ok, give the "others" a chance since I'm so good and my works would be too much for this puny little school organ (JUST Kiddin ya'll...bit bitter that's all).

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